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Jewelry By Kay Mueller
Name Jewelry
A.K.A "Brag Bracelets" & "Mommy Jewelry"

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These bracelets make wonderful gifts for every Mom, Grandmother, Sister, Wife, and Daughter. There are so many styles and choices.  Make them personal! 

All letters are 6mm cubes in Sterling Silver.  Everything else can be customized.               


(1)   Sterling Silver

(2)   Two-tone (Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled)

(3)   Crystals (birthstone colors or her favorite color)

(4)   Clasp (all Sterling Silver:polished toggle, twisted rope toggle, or lobster clasp with adjustable chain)

SIZES:  Women

Women's bracelets typically range from 7" to 8". 

7"      = XS

7.25" = S

7.5"   = M

8"      = L


SIZES:  Girls

I prefer to make young girls' bracelets adjustable with 1.25" of chain.  It would be best if the girl's wrist could be measured and then add 0.75" to that measurement.  This length would be the smallest measurement of the adjustable bracelet.  For example, if her wrist measures 4.5", the finished bracelet should be 5.25" to 6.5".  The following chart can also be used as a general guide.

Age          Size

3-4 yrs     5" to 6.25" bracelet

5-7 yrs     5.5" to 6.75" bracelet

8-12 yrs   6.25" to 7.5" bracelet




Women's Bracelets
$59 up to 6 letters   $97 up to 10 letters $124 up to 15 letters
$74 up to 10 letters $124 up to 15 letters $165 up to 20 letters
$92 over 10 letters $149 over 15 letters $195 over 20 letters


Girls' Bracelets:  $56 up to 6 letters and $69 up to 10 letters.

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 Adult special size (6.75") with sterling silver and clear crystals.


 Adult extra-small, double-strand, two-tone bracelet.


 Girl's adjustable bracelet with sterling silver and rose pink crystals.


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